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1997 Trans Am

12/15/2021 mileage: 81,087

GM847 Cam install, July 15th - 18th, 2006

(click on photo to enlarge..) Note: Supplied part numbers are from summitracing.com unless otherwise noted.

4753 1.250" shim kit $18
(Note: none were used)





Oil filters from NAPA
Left: 21069 = $3.79
Right: 91069 = $4.40

Crane Cam "GM847"
Part No: 109841
Hydraulic Roller Special
Grind Number: HR-296-2S-12 IG

(222/230 .543 .563 112LSA)

26918-16 - Springs
Beehive = $180

Crane Gold Race aluminum
full roller 1.6 ratio rockers,
3/8 stud, self aligning,
narrow body for fitting under
the stock valve covers

Unfortunately the spring
height required a NA rocker.

COMP Cams Pro Magnum
Stud Mount, Full Roller, Steel
1.52 Ratio, Fits 7/ 16 in. Stud
CCA-1304-16 = $265.95

with CCA-4501-16 studs = $40.69

and Guide plates from local dealership ($3.00 ea.)

614-16 - Locks, steel,
for 10 degree Sure locks,
+.50 for lash cap = $26

503-16 - Valve stem seals = $23

4705-16 - Locators = $40

795-15 - steel Retainers,
for 10 Degree Sure lock =$50

benchmark dyno

Spare PCM = $90

madz28.com tune (now madtuner.com)

Not shown:
70-DWW Red Line Diesel Water Wetter, 15 oz $7.95 (Thunderracing.com)
02-1008 Hypertech 160 Degree Thermostat $19.99 (Thunderracing.com)
111-15-LT LT1/LT4 Camshaft Swap Gasket Package $114.99 (Thunderracing.com)
63-7940-16 Comp Cams Hi-Tech One-Piece Chromemoly pushrods, 7.200" $132.99 (Thunderracing.com)

NAL-12527741 Water Pump 93-97 LT1 F-BODY $185.95
8151 Up Hose $14.52 (NAPA)
8901 Low Hose $22.04 (NAPA)
10959 Aux Htr Hose $12.70 (NAPA)
IC58 Echlin Ign Coil $55.69 (NAPA)

Three 5-quarts of Quaker State 10w-40 oil (Wal-mart)
Couple gallons of Antifreeze (personal stock)

Hotel Barkasy; nice place in the country. You know you are in the country when there are horses nearby. Owner has a very nice Z28. Garage parking upon request.
Owner of Hotel Barkasy has a very nice Z28. Garage parking upon request, but it's first come first serve.
Remember, this is a three case cam install.
Removed parts
begin to grow...
Discarded parts bucket begins to fill up...

Water pump bolts need a bigger breaker bar. We, um, used the 3.5 ton jack handle.

Protective napkins are laid down so that nothing goes into the block's oil pathways.
Radiator gone...
David finally gets the secret bolt out. If we told you where it was, it wouldn't be a secret... Brian "Projectz28"...
Steve's car in for a quick exhaust repair...
Cam party...
Steve, Tom, Brian, John, David and Harold.
So when the new sprocket is too tight to fit on the spindle, heat it up with a torch to "expand" the metal sprocket.
... it works! Just like on Monster Garage.
..except it would be better to use real welders gloves instead of cheap nylon type which kind of melted resulting in getting three fingers burned. For the ability to hold onto the sprocket long enough to correctly place it on the spindle and key, Ron was given a "time out" with a cold beer. Not to drink, but to hold on to in order to soothe the burned fingers.
The new LT4 timing set completed.
John 'Pampered-Z"
and Brian "Projectz28"...
So much stuff to go back in...
This is the filter you need to install the seals correctly into the timing chain cover...
New opti on...
2x4 and a hammer... that's how you get this piece in.
Break time.
"Rick" shows up for a new exhaust upgrade.
Of course the new water pump is black...
While waiting for the rockers to arrive, new fuel filter was installed and the underside of the 97 TA was cleaned.
Tom kept his cars covered so that they wouldn't see what was going on with the 97 TA...
The over-night 1.5 rockers arrive...
Left is the 1.6 self-align rockers. Right is the non-aligned 1.5 rockers. The self-aligns did not work with the spring setup.
The stock valve covers would not seat correctly. The baffles were hitting the rockers, so some "Tom Garage" modifications had to be done... Harold skillfully slices the baffles. Hey, it wasn't his car...
Finally, on the fifth day... the 97 TA backs out of Tom's Garage with a major grumble. This car drew blood from everyone that worked on it. Fought the install every step of the way. Yet started right up on the first turn of the key. Didn't drip one drop of any fluid. While this is a definite three cases of beer event, it was certainly worth it when "cruising" down the Northeast Extension late Wednesday.

Sound clips:
Stock exhaust

GM847 cam, MAC Headers and SLP Loudmouth exhuast

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