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During the winter of 2004, the 97TA has had it's gears changed from the stock 2:73s to 3:42s, had it's PCM adjusted for the gear change, firmer shifts and no top end limiter. Sub-frame connectors were also installed.

Fall of 2005 were headers and SLP Loudmouth exhaust modification(s).

July of 2006 was a GM847 cam swap.

Fall of 2007 was the Yank SS3600 Torque Converter.

Fall of 2008 removed SLP Loudmouth and replaced with Flowmaster and e-cutout.

Spring of 2010 52mm Throttle Body and upgrade spark plug wires.

Fall of 2010 finally discovered the header exhaust leak being a split EGR tube. Removed whole EGR tube and installed blocked off plate. "Rocker tapping" sound gone and block is idling smooth once again.

2011 - 2012 Limited use.

Spring of 2013 Replaced battery tray and low coolant sensor. Parked for remainder of the year.

June 2014. New inspection sticker. Back on the road again. Looking for cruises and events to attend...

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